World Cup Brazil 2014

The World Cup 2014 in Brazil was initiated to be the greatest football tournament of the century.

For the first time since 1950 the brasilian team had all the expectations to fulfill the dreams of a world cup trophy in their own country.

All eyes were turned to Brazil during June and July, and president Dilma Rouseff had announced the tournament with the slogan ”A Copa das Copas”, The cup of the cups. The tournament had been prompted with huge manifestations and protest all over the country but with the slogan ”A Copa das copas” the president was going to turn the opinion and make this the best world cup ever. 

After a brasilian goal at World Cup 1978 a young brasilian boy accidentally set of a firework inside his mothers apartment and set a couch on fire.

The boy and his friends were sent out to the street but since they really wanted to watch the game they took a a small TV along and put in on the street corner. For the next game there were 20 people watching, and more were coming.

For the World Cup 1982 they continued to put the TV at the street and for the world cup in Italy 1990 the small TV had been replaced by a big screen TV.

At 2014 the street Alzirão has now become one of the most spectacular streets for football. More than 20.000 people gather in Alzirão and the event is the most attractive area in Rio De Janeiro to watch the brasilian World Cup Games.














When the world cup was over the majority of football fans was united, the cup was A copa das Copas, the greatest cup ever played. 

 The brasilian people stood up for their team and embraced the football party on the streets, beaches and houses. The brasilian national team, with Neymar as the most shining star, did not live up to the expectations and ended up in a a fiasco with the 7-1 loss against Germany who later won the tournament.

But the protests and the riots did not appear as expected. There were no reports of kidnappings or violence, and the football party was a fact.

World Cup 2014 in Brasil was the greatest football tournament of the century.